Adopt a Dragon from New London Enterprises!

New London Enterprises, LLC

Texas-based, 3D-printed articulated dragons. This booth is a must if you see them at any of your local fairs or events!

This is the booth that got my attention at the East Texas State Fair in Tyler, TX a couple of weeks ago! Adopting 3D dragons is right up my family’s alley, a perfect souvenir. They even came with adoption certificates we could fill out when we got home.

It was a pleasure talking to Michael and seeing all his awesome dragons and a few other 3D printed items. The colors were vivid, the designs imaginative, and you can move them! I couldn’t decide if I liked the flower designs or the gemstones more. Check out some of the pictures below, then read on to learn more about New London Enterprises, LLC.

Q&A with Michael at New London Enterprises

How did you get into this? Adopting dragons at fairs

I got into Dragons kind of by accident. We bought them for my children before from Etsy, and the dragons we got broke within a few days of getting them. They were very fragile. So, when I finally had my own 3D printer my kids eventually asked me to make some too.

When I was looking into them, I found that others were selling 3D-printed dragons at events, and I started to look into it. I was in an awkward spot at my first event. It was hard to get people to stop and look. I had no real signage, no way to pull people in, and from a distance, people didn’t even realize what I had. I knew I needed a way to get people to stop, even briefly, to look at my area and then they might be willing to come see. So I started to ask people if they wanted to adopt a dragon. It worked!

I rolled with it. I got a banner, and eventually the certificates. Honestly, it makes the whole thing more fun, which is actually what I love most.

What do you love about what you do?

The best part for me is interacting with the people, with the kids, seeing them smile and get all excited. When people slowly browse the booth finding new item after new item they haven’t seen before. Enjoying all of the different colors, and then at the end… they get an adoption certificate and get to come up with a name! 

Are these your original designs?

The only designs I come up with myself are for things I need at home. All of the animals, dragons, fidgets, and whatnot are designed by others, and I usually either subscribe or pay for the commercial license in order to be able to sell them. I do little extra things like painting the eyes on the babies by hand, the certificates, and small details like that to create the whole experience and make it more fun! But sadly, I cannot take credit for the designs themselves. 

Note from Michelle to Michael: I think that’s awesome that you are supporting the artists who created these designs, and I love what you are doing to add your own touches! I’m following you on Facebook to see if you are going to any more events in my area.

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