Carden International Circus

Carden International Circus Phone: 417-848-4394 Website: Carden International Circus on Instagram Carden International Circus Check out this behind-the-scenes Youtube video, an interview with Carden International Circus!   Sorry, we couldn’t find any posts. Please try a different search. 5830 Carden International Circus

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Cole Bros. Circus

Cole Bros. Circus P.O. Box 1750 DeLand, FL 32721 The only place I have found to contact Cole Bros. Circus is through the Facebook link below. Dear Cole Bros, Let me know if you get a website or have other contact information for me to share! Cole Bros. Circus No information available yet beyond what…

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Royal Hanneford Circus

Royal Hanneford Circus 2250 Gulf Gate Dr. Suite C. Sarasota, FL 34231 Nellie: 941-504-1164 Adrian: 941-504-1114 Website: Check website for upcoming schedule! Royal Hanneford Circus, European Acts with a Modern Flare! Check out the website for a list of: Ariel Acts, Ground Acts, Animal Acts, and Intermission Activites!   Circus Kids – What would…

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Hamid Circus Inc.

  Hamid Circus, Inc 3016 Tremont Ave. Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234 Customer Service / Ticket Info: (609) 646-3340 Booking: (609) 289-2160 Website: Schedule: Check Facebook for upcoming schedule. Hamid Circus Contact Us Link Hamid Circus Facebook Link Service Area: All states from the Atlantic Ocean to the Rockies. Hamid Circus, Inc. specializes in…

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When rides go wrong!

father and daugther on a roller coaster

The rush of adrenaline as your body is slung around in a carnival ride can be addictive! That thrilling moment when your heart skips a beat because it looks like you are going to run into a tree branch or other object or when you spin so fast that the g-force lifts your body up…

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Circus Kids – What would it be like to grow up with the circus?

A kid putting on a circus for her stuffed animals

In my 8th-grade math class was a boy who grew up traveling with the circus. He eventually married one of my friends and introduced her to the circus life before settling down to raise their kids. Before meeting him, I never thought of the posibility that a kid could actually grow up being a part…

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How are carnivals and circuses handling COVID-19?

Admit One ticket to the carnival

With much of the US (and the world) shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I couldn’t help but wonder what our traveling entertainers are up to. Have they gone back to winter quarters to work on a few finishing touches? Did they find a way to safely stay in business? Or were they forced…

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Traveling with a family

Crawling baby dressed as a clown

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a family while being a part of the traveling entertainment industry? I know I do. My time traveling with the carnival was cut short when I found myself pregnant and her father told his supervisor that I would wanted to go back and be…

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Is it safe to travel with a carnival or circus?

Is it safe? An unsure clown sitting on a suitcase

This post was written for people who are considering a job with a carnival or a circus, AND for the families who worry about them. On the flip-side of my post “Is it safe to be around carnival workers and circus workers” is the question of if it is safe to be a carnival or…

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Is it safe to be around carnival workers or circus workers?

A young woman ponders her choices

Some people hate when the circus or carnival comes to town. They believe that the workers are sketchy, possibly even dangerous. This distrust can be so strong that in 2001, when I was a concession stand worker, there were towns where we walked to restaurants and stores in small groups to avoid being harassed by…

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