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North American Midway Entertainment

It was a special treat to run into some of the folks at North American Midway Entertainment at the 2023 East Texas State Fair in Tyler, Texas!

North American Midway Entertainment’s website claims to be “The Largest Traveling Outdoor Carnival in US & Canada.” I figured they were big, but I didn’t realize how big until I saw them in person! They brought so much to the East Texas State Fair, and looking at their Facebook page, I think they were at multiple big events at the same time!

The rides, games, and concessions all appeared well taken care of and in good condition. Only one ride was under some quick maintenance as I walked by. (Nothing major. The dragon wagon operator appeared to be checking the track. He may have been looking for something somebody dropped.)

Attention Grabbing Rides

I didn’t get to explore all the rides, but here are a few that caught my attention:

Roller Coasters – I saw two smallish roller coasters. A Dragon Wagon and I think the bigger one was mouse themed.

Tea Cups – The teacup ride quickly caught my attention because it had a nice teapot in the middle with little tea cups spinning around. This may have been the first time somebody mentioned a “tea cup ride” without me thinking it doesn’t look much like a teacup.

Disko – I never saw a Disko ride before. It looked dizzying but it must have been fun because everybody had a smile on their face as it slowed down at the end!

Jumpin Jack and Fire House – This one is a kiddie ride. I love seeing kiddie rides that look like small versions of what the big kids would go on! I had to stop and smile when I walked past these two.

So many more! There were so many more rides that got my attention! Classics like the Ferris wheel and tilt-a-whirl, plus several thrilling ones that I haven’t found the nerve to ride!

Attention Grabbing Game

The bright colors on North American Midway’s alien shooting game quickly grabbed my attention as we walked around the midway. But the one I really wanted to see my friends try was a ladder-climbing game. (not pictured) Of course, there was a challenge to it. The ladder swiveled and would dump you off if you didn’t keep your balance just right!

Favorite Concession Stand – Super Slush Lab!

There were so many unique concession stands as we made our way to the midway, and once we were in. I had to try the Super Slush Lab! The nerd in me loved the mad scientist theme. And the kid in me was so excited by an opportunity to mix flavors to my heart’s content!

It was a hard decision: Do I mix all the colors, or do I stick to the flavors that sound good to increase the chances of my tastebuds being delighted with the end result? I ended up mixing a little bit of each flavor that sounded good. 6 flavors, including an out-of-order (not frozen) strawberry at the end.

The end result was a delicious slushy that changed flavors every few sips! We almost went back for refills, but I had my eyes on a couple more sweet treats and decided to stick to unsweetened drinks for the rest of the evening.

I look forward to seeing these guys again!

The East Texas State Fair is one of the bigger events I have attended. I usually like to get to know the people and go on multiple nights to experience more rides, games, and concessions. But this was a spur-of-the-moment trip with an old camera that kept freezing up on me. I look forward to finding them again so I can take more pictures and explore more of the North American Midway!

What I did experience in the short time I was there was bright, inviting colors, and the workers I spoke to were friendly. Being a large public event, it was kind of noisy but not overwhelming. I am very appreciative of the volume control!

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